When we hear the word "exploitation," negative connotations often come to mind. However, regulated and controlled exploitation can bring significant economic and social benefits, and pirarucu serves as a prime example.

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Discover more about the economic and social impact that this species has on the communities dedicated to its harvesting:

What is Pirarucu?

Pirarucu is a fish native to the Amazon in Brazil. It holds the title of the largest freshwater fish in South America and the second-largest globally, reaching lengths of up to 3 meters and weights of up to 250 kg. See its impressive size in the image below:

*This fish is also known as the Amazon Monster Fish, representing the category of monster fishes: aquatic giants that exceed 6 feet in length or weigh over 200 pounds. While commonly referred to as pirarucu, the name "Amazon Monster Fish" has been used by leather manufacturers in recent years. If you hear this term, know that it refers to the same species.

Economic Benefits

The high profitability of pirarucu stems from its ability to gain up to 12 kg in weight in one year, a unique trait among fish species. This has made pirarucu a valuable resource for its skin and meat, reducing the need to capture other animals and conserving resources and energy for fishermen.

As a result, numerous communities across the Amazon have chosen to focus entirely on breeding and exploiting pirarucu, utilizing all parts of the fish for various products.

Evidence in Numbers

According to statistics, in 2017, 5010 fishermen from 3,165 different families benefited from pirarucu breeding, earning between 700-1350 dollars per family.

These earnings are exclusive to the 33 sustainable indigenous areas authorized to raise pirarucu, ensuring exclusivity and higher income for those dedicated to breeding.

Social Impact

Thanks to pirarucu breeding, production, and exporting companies have been able to invest in infrastructure and provide better benefits for their workers. Raising pirarucu has become a dignified, respected, and economically sustainable occupation.

This success is attributed to collaborative efforts between participating communities and government entities, who ensure the species' protection through fishing restrictions and other conservation measures.

Government subsidies have facilitated direct trading between communities and companies, resulting in increased profitability.

The Impact of Pirarucu Products

By purchasing products made from pirarucu skin, you support these communities in generating income and protecting the species, while also preserving cultural traditions. Your support aids not only workers or sellers but also the entire community.

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